How positive psychology improves employees’ productivity?

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Every manager wants the most productive employees in the army. They try to make the screening process so rigorous that they only get the best of the lot. But many fail to understand that there are many other factors which may make a brilliant employee not-so-productive sometimes.

For instance, one of your best employees is suddenly not doing well. And it has adversely affected your project work. But is firing an option? Well, you are the boss. But what if he is going through something which has occupied his brain and left no space for work. Maybe he is in the middle of a divorce? Maybe he had a panic attack last night? Most of all, maybe he is just not happy because nobody praised him for his hard work and he doesn’t feel motivated?

Studies suggest that Positive psychology offers scope for enhancing satisfaction, motivation, and productivity in the workplace. Many company decision-makers have attempted to apply positive psychology.

At a TED Talk, Shawn Achor, a psychologist, shows how happiness boosts productivity at work. He explains that every single business outcome improves and the brain at positive is 31% more productive! Employees should be trained to scan the world positively and not negatively by writing three new things they are grateful for.

Expressing appreciation and gratitude is a proven positive force. Employers should send personalized appreciation e-mails every week and telling them how much they mean to you – would give them a sense of citizenship towards the organization. Research shows that feeling appreciated leads to better health, lower stress, and fewer sick days. It can also lead to increased productivity. One study by Glassdoor found that 81% of employees surveyed felt motivated to work harder when their boss showed appreciation.

  • Sometimes be a friend. So what if you are in the office? Just as a token of appreciation get some pastries and give a treat to your team members for their hard work. Or take them to lunch.
  • Treat everyone as an individual. Recognize them specifically for the contribution they have made.
  • Give time. Pay attention and listen to what they have to say. Provide them the guidance. If they are wrong, give constructive feedback. If they are right it’s a win-win!

“Praise in Public, Scold in Private.”

Remember, People are the most important assets of any organization. If you follow positive psychology and make a heartfelt appreciation, your employees would love you, they will be more productive and you will be the winner at the end!

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  1. Thank you for addressing this!! I saw all this yesterday, and I appreciate your honesty! Love your stories and will continue to applaud your talent. Bonnee Ambros Dwan

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